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Review: Tradewinds 2

January 1, 1700:  Soft Caribbean music fills the air as your ship rests in a colorful tropical harbor.  Tapping the "Set sail" button, you are bemused, yet galvanized, by the stirring message "Donning pantaloons...".  Your voyage has begun!
Blue Fang
Developer: Ben Michell
Category: Utilities
Want to make use of your Zodiac's Bluetooth capabilities seamlessly but worried about draining your battery by leaving BT on all the time?  With Ben Michell's freeware app Blue Fang, you can have Bluetooth turned on/off automatically as you enter/exit specific applications (among other features).  And if you like it, be sure and support Ben via his PayPal account at
Recommended by: Scott Raulinaitis
3/28   Game: Orbital Sniper
9/3   Emulators: Little John Z
8/3   Utilities: Converter
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