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Pocket Mini Golf
by David Eaton, Staff Writer - 5/8/2004 7:13pm EST

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I have to admit that, when I got this game to evaluate for the review, I blasted through the first course in less than ten minutes (in practice mode) and thought to myself that the game, while fun, would be very limited in its replay value.  That, however, was before I found the expert levels and learned that it wasn't as easy as I thought.
You see, in the easy mode you first use your joystick to adjust where you stand and your angle of putting the ball and then, after pressing one of the four action buttons or triggers (they all seem to act identical), can choose how much force to put behind your putt.  You can then press one of the buttons again (or the joystick select button) to putt the ball.  During this time you are not only trying to get below par but are also being timed as is indicated by the timer displayed on the screen.

The expert level, however, is a little more difficult in that, after choosing your angle of putt, the power meter on the screen begins to fluctuate up and down and you have to putt the ball at the precise time that you get the force behind it that you need.
I found the ball to behave very realistically with regards to bouncing off the curbs, going up and down hills, and landing in the water and sand traps.  

You may notice in several of the screen shots that there is an almost transparent icon bar (a feature that you can enable in the options menu) at the bottom which will allow you to center the hole on the screen or make your player invisible for as long as you are tapping the icon (to assist in lining up your shots), change the angle of the camera, or pull up the game menu.

Graphics & Sound
The 480x320 64K color display of this game (as is evident by the screen shots) makes it a fun one to play.  The game also offers a musical score playing in the background as well as sound effects for the game.  Does anyone care to guess how many times I heard, “Splash!”  LOL.

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