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by Wes Biggs, Guest Contributor - 10/28/2005 7:02am EST

Page 3 - The Bottom Line

You can download a free trial of EDGE from ZaneGames' web site.  Installation is straightforward (a dedicated installer executable comes with the download), but takes a while due to the size of the game.  You can choose to install to a memory card if desired (the soundtrack must be installed on VFS).  The free trial lets you explore the world and start on your quest, but you can't advance your character beyond level 3.  This is ample opportunity to get a good feel for the game -- to unlock it, you'll need a registration code, tied to your HotSync ID.  EDGE doesn't use the now-defunct Tapwave proprietary DRM system, so your purchase is not tied to a specific device.

Zane Games is launching EDGE at an introductory special price of $24.95 -- a bit more than your typical Palm OS game, but similar to the initial prices for some of the key Tapwave releases.  Given the effort that has gone into this game and the time you're likely to spend enjoying it, it seems like a fair price.  Registered users also get access to a world builder feature that allows you to create your own adventure maps and quests.  Which speaks to the fact that EDGE, as the name implies, is an Experience, not just a game; it's an engine that can be used for more games to come.  Perhaps, if EDGE meets the success it deserves, we'll see a cottage industry of new modules spring up.

Overall, EDGE is a stunning achievement that lives up to the hype.  It's beautifully rendered with uncompromising attention to detail throughout, and that makes for the kind of game you just can't stop playing.  As far as Palm applications go, it's in a league of its own.

To twist an old saying, sometimes the darkest hour is just before the edge.  So what if the so-called big publishers are shying away from the Zodiac and from Palm OS as a gaming platform.  Who needs 'em?  There can still be heroes in these dark times.  With EDGE, at least, the prophecy has been fulfilled.

- Great playability and enticing story
- Good use of Zodiac controls
- Incredibly detailed world

- Display engine has some limitations
- May be habit forming

Gameplay: 9
Graphics & Sound: 9
Value: 9


Full Disclosure:  As with most accessories and software reviews, the game used in this review was supplied by the developer.

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