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BullGuard Cover for the Zodiac
by Paul Carson, Staff Writer - 9/24/2005 8:52pm EST

Page 3 - The Bottom Line

Kevin provides excellent customer service and is very responsive to questions and suggestions. As a bonus to Tapland members, he has offered the first 10 people that order and mention Tapland a special price of $20.00 including shipping; after that the covers will be $25.00. To take advantage of the special offer drop Kevin a note at admin@bullguardcovers.com.

I'm very pleased with the performance of this cover. It goes on quickly and stays on. When your Zodiac is in use you can flip it over and slide it on the back. When installed it doesn't interfere with the use of the headphone connector or the Hotsync connector.  Basically it allows anyone who wants to carry their Zodiac "naked" (without a case) the freedom to do so without fear of screen damage.

*Extremely Low Profile
*Almost no additional weight
*Excellent front (screen and buttons) protection

*Limited style options

Design: 10
Features: n/a
Value: 8


Full Disclosure: As with most accessory and software reviews, the BullGuard Cover used in this review was supplied by the manufacturer.

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