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Riverland Screensaver
by David Eaton, Staff Writer - 5/31/2004 10:51am EST

Page 1 - Introduction & First Impressions

[Image] Not too long ago I became aware of the fact that Handy Entertainment, the developers behind the wonderful racing game Dreamway (you can read a review of it here), had released a new screen saver program called Riverland. Being as impressed as I was with the graphics of Dreamway, and intrigued by the whole concept of an animated screen saver, I contacted them and was given a copy to evaluate and review.

Since that time they have worked on improving the program even more and you can now download and install the latest version.

First Impressions
Riverland is actually a screen saver plug-in for the Screensaver Manager program that accompanies it.  For those who are interested, Handy Entertainment also has a free Matrix screen saver that works with the same program.

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