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PQI 1GB SD Card For Under $100!
Free shipping, no rebate, only available today!
PQI's 1 GB SD card
Surplus Computers, a Bay Area surplus computer store (doh!) and mail-order business, currently runs a special on PQI-branded 1 GB SD cards, valid only today.  You can get them, with free shipping, for only $99.97, without any annoying rebate checks that might get lost in the mail. While I obviously can't vouch for them or any store, I have in the past ordered from them and not had any problems with their service.

How good a deal is this?  Well, for starters, just a few months ago I paid about the same price for a 512 MB card (PNY-branded), after mail-in rebate.  And just two days ago, I ordered this very card for $110 from Newegg and was very excited about that deal.  1 GB SD cards breaking the $100 barrier is something Scott predicted a while ago in the Tapland forums, and it has now become a reality.  What's next -- Zodiacs with 4 GB hard disks?

Note: an earlier version of this story accidentially reported the card to be a PNY product when in fact it is a PQI-branded card.
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